6 Places I’m Currently Obsessing Over


“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”

– Henry Miller

As you know, I’m new to this solo-travel malarkey. I have never travelled anywhere on my own outside the UK (except for one very boring, very sleepy plane journey back from Ghana to London) and, although I am an expert at travelling alone in the UK, journeying further afield (alone) is a whole new ball game.

In between the planning and the calculating, the panicking and the excited jumping around I’ve been doing over the past month or so, I’ve also been getting a bit off track. Ooops.

I am planning my own itinerary (which has changed massively and which I will get to later) for my trip and I keep getting hit by wanderlust for EVERYWHERE. Although I have decided against a RTW trip in favour of spending more time somewhere at my own (lazy) leisurely and flexible pace, I keep feeling bereft about all the places I want to visit but won’t have the time to in this particular trip. I have a serious case of I Want to See Everything Now and it’s getting pretty serious.

So here’s 6 Places I’m Currently Obsessing Over – all the places I’ve been coveting recently and will definitely try to get to in the not so distant future.

  • New Zealand

I have always wanted to go to New Zealand. Always. This is number 1 on my list and flashing in neon lights. And I’m in luck. NZ immigration have just granted my Working Holiday Visa which means I will be heading to the land of Hobbits, wine, rugby, and breath-taking scenery in January 2015 for 6 months. EEEK!

  • Germany

I have spent a little time in Germany. Cologne as part of a mini-European road-trip, and Berlin as part of a holiday away with friends. I’m hoping to go to Oktoberfest next year as part of my 30th (urgh) birthday celebrations, but I would love to spend more time there. I hear Munich is stunning.

  • Amsterdam

This is mainly the fault of TFIOS. It just seems so beautiful. I’d like to go to the Anne Frank House and take a trip along the many beautiful canals. Do you think Ryan Gosling is free for the weekend and fancies a trip to the dam?


  •  Fiji, Samoa and Vanuatu

Oh, the South Pacific. Stunning. Beautiful. I’m hoping to take a trip to the islands during or after my time in New Zealand.

  • Texas, New Orleans, Nashville and Memphis

This is a road trip, isn’t it? I tried to factor this in to my trip but this should be a road trip. I have no license. I can barely drive on the right side of the road properly! Anyone want to road trip with me?

  •  India

I’m building up to India. To me, it seems like the ultimate solo travel destination full of challenges and beauty in equal measure. I’m hoping to do this November 15 – January 16 but that all depends if I spend all my savings on boys and beer in New Zealand.

I’m getting dreamy-eyed as I write this list!

I mentioned above that my itinerary has changed. Well, I’ve been trying to factor the US into my plans for some time now. I’ve always wanted to spend more time there, every visit I’ve made has been fleeting. I love the idea of travelling to as many cities as possible – chasing my love of music – but it is so freaking expensive to do this as a solo traveller! Particularly if you aren’t planning to drive. So this is what’s happening:

I am travelling to New Zealand in January where I will (hopefully love it and) stay for six months. I’m planning to “island-hop” in the South Pacific (Fiji, Vanuatu, and Samoa if possible)  while I’m there and then fly back from New Zealand (when I’ve probably run out of money) via Hong Kong for three nights. Phew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

But back to reality!

So what’s on your travel bucket list? Do you – like me – obsess over countries and wish you could go everywhere all at once? Where are you going next? Let me know here or over at Twitter @EmmaYatesBadley

***P.S. I have FINALLY figured out how to use the photo gallery bit of wordpress so now my photos will be linear and not all wibbly – I can have circles, mosaics, all sorts. How exciting?! I have also been changing the appearance of this blog A LOT recently. Sorry for that, but I wanted to find something that would make more of the pictures I was posting. I have decided to opt for something simple. I hope you like it. I promise that’s it with the changes now!


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