Raglan, Mourea and Indecision

The last few days have been eventful. Both good and bad.

The good stuff: meeting a great bunch of people on the Stray bus, clocking up some miles in the north and finally feeling good about my decision to leave my friends and family behind a travel.

The Bad: indecision about my future travel plans, having to leave my current stray bus to go east and some cheap fuckwit stealing my waterproof (seriously, it’s worth about Β£15 and now I have to buy a new one)

So let’s start with the bad, get that out the way. The waterproof? I’m sure it was on my bag when I went for a shower and then it had spirited away when I got back. Having to leave the Stray bus? Although I’m excited to see the East, the bus has got quite friendly and I regret not buying a national pass so I can stick with these guys but there’s no room for regrets when you travel. I was so sad to leave them though! Fingers crossed the next bus is just as awesome.

The travel plans? Well, as I travel I realise that I don’t know if I want to work.

Not because I don’t think working wouldn’t be amazing, but because I don’t really want to stay in a a hostel long term. It’s expensive over here and I don’t think I’d save anything as all my money would go on hostel fees – so what’s the point!? It would mean using relying solely on savings, although this will mean cutting my 8 months down to 6 if I’ve budgeted correctly. But then am I wasting my visa? See! Indecision!!

I’ve also got inspired while I’m here to travel further. There are so many cheap flights to places like Australia, Fiji, and Bali it is ridiculous!! Plus, I’m having way too good a time to work at the moment. But I’ve got to sit down and plan which is no fun! This one isn’t such a bad thing, it’s the travellers moan where you realise you’re moaning about nothing and being ungrateful.

The good? I’ve had the best week. I’ve met so many nice people and seen some amazing places and I’ve still got another week and a half on this North Island tour then at least another four of the South Island!

Let’s start with Raglan. This place is so pretty. If you surf, it’s paradise. I don’t surf, I barely beach because I find it hard to sit sill for long periods of time. We dost do much at Raglan, just chilled, stayed in an Eco lodge and cooked a huge group meal together (food is a bitch when you’re on your own and you’re always lugging around your plastic bags stuffed with uninspiring food). The sunset was truly amazing up at inspirational point and I loved my time in Raglan. I can see why the surfers stay here for months on end!

The next day we headed to the Waitimo caves famous for glow worms. We spent two hours exploring caves on a boat and by foot. It was great – with us drifting along the water in the pitch black with the glow worms lighting up all around us, twinkling like fairy lights.

That’s evening we went to a cultural evening at Mourea. This was so good. Although there was obviously some level of audience participation (I was chosen to be the leader of the poi poi because I was too busy looking at this massive moth that had flown in the room – horrendous) but they put on a huge feast and sang songs and – most importantly – did the Haka!! That night we stayed in the meeting hut where all the important events are held. We all slept in the same room in sleeping bags which was really odd but great fun.

I am having THE best time in New Zealand. It really is a beautiful country.














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