#Get Brave: A New Series on Emma Is Writing!

“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”

Jim Morrison

I am a firm believer that when life gives you lemons, you should find someone with a bottle of tequila and have a party.

Sometimes it can feel like you’re navigating your way through throngs of flesh-eating zombies baying for your blood, or wading through a big pit of quicksand in an attempt to reach said person, but still, you’ve got to try to get to the other side. That bottle of tequila can be yours if you just put in a bit of effort, perseverance and arm yourself with a sledgehammer in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Ours is in the kitchen. True story.

In the immortal words of Ronan Keating, “life is a rollercoaster” (apologies for getting that god-awful tune stuck in your noggin, it’s a stayer) and sometimes the downs are more prevalent than the ups, the person next to you wants to get the hell off, someone chucks up on you and for the majority of the ride you feel like screaming until your lungs might burst.

But take heart, the highs are worth the lows and the twisty, gut churning, mentalness that comes with the journey. Because if you didn’t try, what would life be? A ride on one of those slow trains that go round the theme park, just one continuous loop with the same scenery every day. Listening to the excited screams of the people brave enough to see the world from a different perspective.

We are all frightened of different things – personally its giant spiders, clowns – murderous or otherwise – horror films and dolls – and sometimes this fear prevents us from taking a leap of faith. Sometimes its complacency that holds us back. Sometimes it’s our relationships with other people. Sometimes it’s the relationship we have with ourselves where we don’t feel good enough or clever enough or brave enough.

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I have suffered from anxiety in the past and, while I think I have a hold on this now, it’s quite a scary thing to have to deal with. My anxiety manifested itself in various different ways, but ultimately, it held me back from attempting to go after the things I wanted because I didn’t think I a) deserved them or b) could handle them.

I was terrified when I booked my tickets to New Zealand and Australia. How on earth was I going to cope? What did I think I was doing? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHAT ABOUT THE GIANT SPIDERS? But, oddly, the moment I handed over my credit card to pay was when I felt a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders.

For me, solo travel taught me to be brave, fearless and, despite its negative connotations I’m still going to say it, a little selfish. I will be TURNING THIRTY IN THREE WEEKS (runs off and hides under the table) and I am finally inspired – and brave – enough to go after the things I want, all guns blazing might I add!

It’s with this in mind that I am endeavouring to be more positive for myself and the others around me and, as cheesy as it sounds, to support those who find themselves a little bit lost, afraid, complacent, stagnant or stifled.

I believe we should inspire each other to be a little braver, to go after what we want and to learn that our happiness is both imperative and important.

How am I doing this?

I’m practicing what I preach. I’ve recently started writing for Northern Soul magazine (take a look, its fab) and have just completed an article which saw me carrying out my first interview and have just done a second this morning with A BLOODY BIG NAME AUTHOR (I was terrified the whole way through this one, not going to lie). I’m spending every waking minute writing things, applying for jobs where I can write things, completing assessments for jobs where I can write things, alongside a temp job I’ve managed to secure for a few weeks so, you know, I can actually afford to live.

So what am I proposing?

Along with my #itsnotgrimupnorth series where I wax lyrical about all things Manchester, I’ve decided to start another new series on the blog! (Hurah, I hear you all cry) called #getbrave where I’m hoping I can get you lovely lot involved with sharing words of wisdom, tales of inspirations and ways to keep each other motivated.

Sometimes all people need is a little support, a chance to shine, or just someone to listen. Lets help each other out!

Like the sound of this? Visit me over at Twitter @EmmaYatesBadley or leave a message below with your pearls of wisdom.  


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