About Me


Emma Yates-Badley

About Me

Let’s be real, I could use this space to tell you what an incredibly together human being I am but that would be a lie. Not the human being part, I think that’s all true, but the ‘together’ part.

I reckon having ‘it all together’ is a big fat fib – and, quite frankly, it’s messing us all up.

So, instead, I’m going to tell you a bit about me. So, hi. I’m Emma, 30-something living in Manchester, UK and – like most people – I work in a few different jobs including media (I guess that’s what you call it) as a Deputy Editor, a Literary Editor and a writer/reviewer. I also work in an office where I wear an ill-fitting navy suit.

I started this blog way back in 2015 because I like to write. Now some people like to scribble fiction, some like to create a stunning haiku or epic poetry but me, well, I like to write about what I see around me, I suppose. Despite that sounding incredibly narcissistic, it’s more a way to process all the stuff inside my noggin that makes me not able to sleep at night – have cats really created a language so they can communicate with humans? Will the rhythm eventually get us all? What flavour is a blue slushy? Can robots feel empathy?  – I’m also passionate about living in the North of England and some of my writing is a love letter to the vibrant, eclectic ever-changing city of Manchester.

An avid traveller, I like to chat about current and future trips and write guides for those, like me, who never say no to bit of adventure even if it means going solo.

Ubud, Bali

Back in 2016, I was diagnosed with anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive-disorder which has massively impacted for my life – but not always for the worse. I am a mental health advocate and regularly write tips for mental well-being including the need to eradicate stigma, where to find resources and first-hand accounts how I live with OCD.

If this sounds like you’re cup of tea, read on…or better yet, contact me for a chat if you think we could work together, or if there’s an opportunity you think I’d be right for, at emmayatesbadley@gmail.com.

As a creative writer with experience in copy editing, social media and a keen passion for travel, I’d love to talk about potential commissions, press trips or reviews.

Other Worky Stuff

I am Northern Soul’s Deputy Editor and Literary Editor. I was born and raised in Warwickshire but have lived in Manchester, on and off, for the past decade. A keen writer, I have an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University and I am currently working on a non-fiction book, Cracked, which explores grief and mental illness.

I write Northern Soul‘s It’s Not Grim Up North column where I cover anything and everything, from theatre and live music reviews to interviews with a bunch of interesting people (and animals), and editorials.

After the success of 2017’s inaugural Northern Soul Awards, I have stepped up my role in the organisation and am now a key member of the Northern Soul events team. My work this year includes helping to spearhead the Northern Soul Awards 2018 and The Proper Northern Drinks Festival (2019), as well a whole host of other great ideas we’re keeping hidden up our sleeves.

A social media addict, I can be seen taking snaps of my housemate’s dog on Instagram and tweeting nonsense @emmayatesbadley.